Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Why Wordless?

I have always been fascinated by wordless books. Even as a child, I was always more interested in the pictures than words that my father or mother read that related to the pictures I was viewing in the children's book. I remember that I was always disappointed by the lack of words that an author used to describe a picture. Of course, I realized later that the pictures in many children's picture books at that time were only secondary to the text. In my visual mind, though, it was always the pictures that opened up an infinite series of stories for me. It was like discovering a puzzle that I kept adding more pieces to and each time that I added a piece, another block of the story was revealed. Now how good was that for a boy like me with a vivid imagination? That was why comics meant so much to me as I got a little older...it was the perfect mix of words and images.

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sdestefano said...

loved your book.